Happiest of weekends to ya'll! Hope you're enjoying a fabulous & relaxing Saturday afternoon! A few favorites I've come across this week:
  • Have ya'll heard of the new site decorBase? You must go check it out and sign up to become notified when the site is up and running.  It's truly a genius concept making it a one stop shop for all of your home decorating needs.  You can read a little more about decorBase over the amazing blog, Peppermint Bliss.
  • Loving this fall skirt by Maje, isn't it perfect for the cooler weather?
  • I had to share this article, because who would ever have thought that a Postman from Waco, Texas (my hometown) would be designing Hermes scarves, I had no idea!
  • As part of the All-Star Reunion Blowout week, Good Morning America's Rachel Smith talks with the cast of Clueless and looks back over the past 17 years since the hit movie's release. On that note, um, has it really been 17 years, oh my goodness-and even more importantly, why have we not figured out a way to create Cher's closet and outfit system in 17 years? I mean her closet was amazing! 
Finally, two recipes that although completely unrelated to one another are both delicious and perfect to try out this weekend.  Let me know what you think of them and enjoy the rest of your weekend!