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TITLE: Global Health Commitments Team Member
IMPACT/GOAL: Supported CGI Members with development of new commitments addressing non-communicable diseases, road safety, lack of access to medicine and creation of sustainable distribution systems in developing countries.

At the 2010 Annual Meeting, the CGI Members I worked directly with lead the following plenary sessions:
Women’s Health and HIV/AIDS
This session will be driven by collaborative discussion among members.
Without good health, women cannot care for themselves or their children and they cannot be productive members of their communities. Yet social, economic, and political challenges render women and girls disproportionately vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. As a follow-up to the “Health and Safety of Girls & Women” breakout, this session will dive more deeply into exploring effective and innovative ways of preventing and treating HIV/AIDS in women and girls.

This session will be built around an Action Network, a group of CGI members who have been working together throughout the year to coordinate action on this issue.
Every six seconds someone is killed or seriously injured on the world’s roads; 90 percent of these incidents occur in the developing world. Given that there are 1.3 million road deaths each year, this is a global epidemic comparable to malaria or tuberculosis. Through this Action Network, CGI members from across sectors are working to raise awareness of this critical health and development issue and are aligning resources to create supportive and safe roads for people across the globe.


Rare lives project

TITLE: Digital Content Producer, Writer, Editor, Storyteller

IMPACT/GOAL: Rare Lives Project is a photographic journey across Europe and now starting in New York City and expanding throughout the US with the goal to investigate needs, hopes, difficulties, but, above all, joys and daily achievements of those suffering from a rare disease. Initiated the pilot program in New York City and currently working on bringing it throughout the United States. 



TITLE: Public Health and Grants Assistant
IMPACT/GOAL: asdfasdfsad

Researched and recruited nationwide cancer-support organizations to implement new marketing campaign expanding the survivorship program.  Edited grant proposal submissions for final review; reviewed grant proposals and budgets for systematic initiatives.Maintained and updated foundation constituents statewide in a large database to facilitate timely and effective distribution of information; gained proficiency in Kintera.



TITLE: Program Coordinator
IMPACT/GOAL: asdfasdf

Planned, developed, and executed the Muscle Team Bash, MDA’s largest fundraising event annually; efforts included developing theme, promotional materials, and media coverage.

* Organized and directed the inaugural ClubCorp Charity Classic Golf Tournament raising over $1.5 million dollars for MDA.

* Implemented online marketing strategy to increase sales from the Labor Day Telethon Online Auction, improving navigation and ease of use for customers, increasing online sales an estimated 15%.

Pinterest Marketing

TITLE: My account...

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