Hi there, long time no see! I'll get to my absence in a second, but first off you might notice a few changes on Tiny Bits from Boo.  I was ready to give the blog a makeover, and enlisted the help of the incredibly talented Molly Jacques to work with me on a new logo and illustration. What do you think? I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out, and I am especially in love with the Boo Radley illustration. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Molly throughout the entire process, and I would highly recommend her if you're looking for someone to collaborate with on a custom design, illustration or lettering.  Also, you absolutely must check out more of Molly's work including these fabulous thank you notes, this inspiring print, and love this beautiful return address stamp.

Now, where exactly to begin? I couldn't possibly catch ya'll up on the past seven months of life, and where would I even start? I have to admit I missed sharing my bits of inspiration with ya'll.  So, what took me so long to get back on the blogging bandwagon?  For me, blogging is one of those things where the more you do it, the easier it becomes.   And well, if you haven't done it in a while, psyching yourself up to get back at it can be {just a tiny bit} challenging, to say the least.  No promises you'll see daily updates, or the same content as before, but I can guarantee that after taking a much needed timeout I'm back reenergized with a new vision for this blog, and hope to share the new vision with ya'll next week. In the meantime, thought I'd pass on a few things I'm loving this week:
Conquer your fear and learn to speak confidently in front of a crowd with these useful tips you should definitely bookmark for future reference. 

15 Reasons Why People Move to Number three I'm looking at you. 

Fantastic video by Marie Forleo on how to surrender to your calling and be open to what comes next. Gosh, I really get Mastin Kipp after watching this video.

Draw Your Tomorrow.. and do it in this perfect planner.

How successful people talk-they pay attention. Simple as that.

Things my dad was right about..because there is nothing like wisdom from dad.

The One Thing These Crazy Successful People Do Every Morning. Inspiration for getting up early enough to make a little me-time right?

After an unbearable week of heat here in NYC {yes, even for this Texas girl, it was brutal}, the aptly titled Heatwave cocktail sounds like the perfect cocktail to beat the heat.

Life Lessons We All Need to Learn via Brene Brown.
Life Lessons We All Need to Learn via Brene Brown
Brene Brown Inspiration

One final note, I'm majorly in search of any recommendations for someone to help with blog design and installations... any help or ideas ya'll have please share them below or shoot me an email! Have a fabulous Sunday and end to your weekend!


After months of contemplation, I'm finally taking the plunge and entering into the blogging world. What better time to begin a project than the start of a new year?  Please email me through the contact me page with any questions or comments you have! I would love to hear from you!!



A New Direction, Blog Updates
Hi Ya'll! I wanted to stop by and quickly post an update and know that I haven't forgotten about ya'll and the blog, but am in the process of making some changes to Tiny Bits from Boo. I have a fabulous designer working on making some changes,  and hopefully the updated site will go live in the next week or two.  Very exciting and I can't wait to share it with ya'll! Not to worry I'll be back to regular posting once the updates are up & running.  Hope ya'll are having a fabulous January and start to 2013!


New Years Eve, Tiny Bits from Boo
Cheers to 2013! Hope ya'll had a wonderful New Year's Eve and are enjoying the first day of 2013, looking forward to the brand new year and all that is has to offer.  I plan on sharing a few of my own personal goals for 2013 in the coming days,  but in the meantime, I had to tell ya'll about a new tradition   I'm going to start for the New Year.  It is a wonderful way to take reflect on the amazing things that happen in our lives each and every day, and a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the small things.  Starting 2013 off with an empty jar (I'm using an empty mason jar, but any jar is perfect!) and fill it with notes about good things as they happen throughout the year.  Your notes can be something tiny that made your week or really anything you choose that brightened your day, just remember to write a quick note about it and stick it in the jar.  Then on New Year's Eve of this year, empty the jar out and read back all of the amazing things, experiences, opportunities and little bits of happiness that happened for you throughout the past year.  Easy enough, right?  I've already got my jar ready to go for this year, and would love ya'll to join me in this too!  If it is something you are interested in doing for 2013, leave a comment & let me know! Would love to hear if ya'll have other traditions or ideas for making 2013 the best year yet. 
Happy New Year, 2013, Inspiration


Merry Christmas 2012
As Christmas day comes to a close, I wanted to wish y'all a Merry Christmas!  As many of ya'll can attest to, the holiday season sweeps in like a cold front (similar to that seen in Texas today!) and is gone before we have time to sit back, relax, and savor the moment.  Year after year, I awake on December 26th to a more somber realization that life picks up right where everyone left off before Thanksgiving and without even so much as a brief pause to stop, take a breath and regroup from the hustle & bustle of the holidays.  Thankfully, for me, my birthday happens to be on the 29th, and as someone who believes wholeheartedly in starting each and every day like it's my birthday, I jump at the opportunity to  celebrate the month of December, every single one of the 31 days calls for a celebration.  So this got me to thinking recently, and the truth is, I've always wondered why we wait till December, the final month of the year, to spend time with loved ones, gather together for dinner and holiday parties, tell those who are near and dear to us how much they mean to us, and spread goodwill & cheer to strangers and friends alike?  My hope for you, my readers, is that as we come to the end of the 2012 holiday season you find a way to carry on the holiday spirit year round, spreading love & cheer throughout the 2013 year! 

I also wanted to share this thought provoking and inspiring Op-Ed article in the New York Times today, and I would definitely take a few minutes to read it if you have some free time or are traveling over the next few days!
Lemony Snicket Quote, Miracle Quote


Holiday Cocktail RecipesHoliday Cocktail Recipes
Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend and start to this fabulous week, which just so happens to be the week before Christmas.  If ya'll are in a crunch and need the perfect holiday cocktail for your next soiree these two are sure to be a hit! Do ya'll have any other delicious holiday cocktail recipes? Would love to try those out too, so make sure to share in the comments below! 


Gift Guide for the Foodie, Gifts from the Chef, Holiday Gift Guide
While I admit I am certainly not an expert when it comes to the kitchen, I did come across some pretty awesome finds in the past month or two that I just had to share with ya'll in case you were on the lookout for the perfect foodie on your list.  If ya'll haven't tried Mast Brothers Chocolate, it is like a party in your mouth, yes, that good, and highly recommend it.  My personal favorite is the Sea Salt, but I know all of the chocolate bars are phenomenal! Happy gifting!


Holiday Gift Guide for the Home, Holiday Gift Guide 2012
Only 13 days until Christmas, that means it's officially time to freak out & scream!  Of course only joking about the freak out & scream, because if you're like many (including myself), you are just getting started on that Christmas gift list.  Thankfully, there is still plenty of time to get some fabulous things for those on your list!  I have two final Gift Guides for 2012 that I'll be posting later this week and then you're on your own! Happy Gifting!


Puppy Love, Birthdays, Boo Radley
Excuse me for a minute while I unleash my inner dog lady, but I couldn't let this day pass without wishing the cutest Bichon Frise in town (of course I'm a little biased!), Boo Radley, a very happy birthday.  Whew, and what a year it has been with her.  Those of ya'll who know me are very well aware of the many health problems Boo Radley has had from day one.  I mean what puppy has to have open heart surgery at eight months?  I can promise you, not many.  Looking back on her heart surgery seems like a walk in the park compared to her past year here in NYC with me.  I'll spare ya'll the details of her health woes the last 12 months, and just say Boo Radley truly is a little miracle dog with more life and personality than I could possibly have imagined.  I often say & truly believe that dogs teach you, for the first time in your life, to think about the well being of someone other than yourself, and that has been such an important lesson for me personally to learn.  Fellow dog owners, wouldn't ya'll agree? Hope ya'll are having a wonderful Tuesday!


YOU. Or this version of Mariah Carey's holiday classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on repeat. forever.  If that does not put you in the holiday spirit, I don't know what will, wouldn't ya'll agree? Absolutely one of my favorite songs. ever. Hope ya'll are having a fabulous start to the week! 


Holiday Gift Guide 2012, Tech Gift Guide
A few of my of the moment favorites for the gadget guru on your list this year.  Do any of ya'll remember the original Polaroid cameras (ok, not dating myself here ya'll, it wasn't too long ago!), but seriously I loved my original Polaroid and can not wait to try out this new and improved 2012 version.  Do any of ya'll have the Polaroid Instant Digital Camera? If so, would love to know what you think of it! Another fabulous find is this Switch Hooks storage plate.  For those of us who live in tiny places, every little inch of space counts,  and it would be perfect for the switch plate by my front door. Any other favorite geek chic must-haves I missed? Be sure to let me know in the comments below and have a fabulous Friday!


Can ya'll believe Christmas is less than three weeks away? This time of year just flies right by doesn't it? So while some of these items on my ladies list might not be for all of ya'll, they are certainly items I'd enjoy. Happy Wednesday!