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And the countdown is on... the final and *my personal favorite month of the year* is upon us-hello fabulous month of December, I know you'll be good to me & all of ya'll too! The final month of the year never fails to bring the very best to each and every one of its' 31 days.  It certainly doesn't want to close out the year on a bad note, and I completely agree with that philosophy. I hope your Monday and first few days of December are off to a fabulous start! 


Happy Thursday, and day before the weekend, ya'll!  I had to share with ya'll a few things inspiring me this week.  With the cool temperatures and countdown to Thanksgiving (which honestly, I could skip right over and celebrate December for two months if I had it my way!), it has me more excited than ever for my VERY. FAVORITE. MONTH. EVER. This is not an understatement, with all of the most fabulous things happening in December: Boo Radley's birthday, MY birthday, Christmas, New Year's & the holiday spirit in general.. what's not to love about the most fabulous month all year long?  Wouldn't you agree? Working on several fabulous gift guides, and not to mention a VERY exciting blog design update, with a new logo and all, can't wait to share these with you in the coming weeks! 
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