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Hope ya'll had a good weekend and your Monday has been fabulous!   What's inspiring me this week? Well, in my ideal world, I like to imagine an apartment that is perfectly organized and uncluttered, like the pictures shown below.  
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I'm sure many of ya'll have heard apartments in NYC are tiny, and really to be honest, tiny doesn't quite cut it to accurately draw a picture of just how small some of these apartments really are.  Living in a smaller space (not to mention foolishly moving everything from my much larger apartment in Austin to NYC) has forced me to condense all of my "things", clean out the clutter, and get rid of basically all of the "I just can't live without" them items (because it has become crystal clear that I can in fact live without those things), and really stick to just the essentials.  I am loving the color coordinated bookshelf in the image above and hope to take this idea and do it in my own personal space.  Do ya'll have color coordinated bookshelves?  I had never really thought to do that before now, but think it definitely looks less chaotic and more organized.  I would also love to splurge on a bar cart and have my eye on the Hayworth by Society Social available for pre-order now. If you haven't already, you should definitely take a look at the other amazing bar carts by Society Social, they are timeless, incredibly chic, and I'm in awe of the detail in all of Society Social's bar cart designs.
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Whew! What a week, and I know I've been slacking on the blog posts this past week and a half.  I needed a little break to catch up on things at home and am back at it with a few posts this Thursday.  How has your week been?  Summertime is definitely here in NYC with the temperatures in the past two days unbelievably steamy and hot! I have so many favorites on my wish list and the moment that I had the hardest time deciding which to include in this post.  The red mini vase is AMAZING. I just received it from Design Darling and you can purchase it here.  I also am loving the fabulous red Society Social chair and think it would be the perfect addition to my desk and living room area.  I really love just about every single thing on the Society Social site to be honest.  Hope your week has been lovely and you are looking forward to the weekend!