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Texas roots, living in NYC, a weakness for candy and see nothing wrong with weekly visits to Sockerbit, love a good glass of Pinot Noir, dream of traveling all over the world with the first stop being Victoria Falls, cheer for the Texas Longhorns (Hook Em’), drink entirely too much espresso, could spend an entire day taking photographs of this amazing city I now call home, will never, ever tire of breakfast tacos, adore dogs both big and small, especially my bichon, Boo Radley, and believe 


My personal story driving this passion is that I'm alive because I'm an American who had access to the best healthcare available in the world that saved my life in 1999-2000, and without the lifesaving technology, medications and top of the line healthcare would not be here.  To think so many others around the world face illness like mine and much worse and don't have the choice to seek out access to healthcare. It simply doesn't exist in their world.  To me, that is devastating.  I know there is something that can be done to lessen the  number of preventable deaths in developing countries and am enthusiastic in seeking out ways to make this happen while also raising  awareness in a way that others feel compelled to make it happen. I have a personal interest in the the health of mothers & children in developing countries.  Particularly during childbirth & the high rates of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. My heart really lies with telling the story of these remarkable women and working to make access to healthcare a universal, human right.


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